March 2013 Newsletter
1. STATE POLICY: Directive No. 04/CT-TTg dated 8th March 2013 of The Prime Ministry on strengthening management in production, business and use of helmets when joining in traffic. 2. TAX: Circular No. 30/2013/TT-BTC dated 18th March 2013 of Ministry of Finance on the refund of environmental protection tax on plastic packages of pre-packed goods according to the Government’s Resolution No. 02/NQ-CP dated 7th January 2013. 3. INVESTMENT: Circular No. 31/2013/ND-CP dated 18th March 2013 of Ministry of Finance, guiding the financial management mechanism of national investment promotion program. 4. INVIRONMENT: Decree No. 25/2013/ND-CP dated March 29,2013 of the Government on environmental protection charges for waste water. 5. FINANCE: Circular No. 07/2013/TT-NHNN dated 14 March 2013 of the State Bank of Vietnam providing provisions on special control for credit institutions; Circular No. 04/2013/TT-NHNN dated 1st March 2013 of the State Bank of Vietnam providing on discount activities of negotiable instruments and other valuable papers of credit institutions, foreign banks’ branches for their customers.

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