Administrative cases
 When you are facing difficulties in administrative procedures, you are concerned about whether to appeal, accuse or sue? Is the cost of attorneys involved in administrative cases high? Please feel free to contact us for your concern.

One of the options to thoroughly resolve disputes that may arise between a state administrative agency and a citizen, enterprise or organization is to make complain (which is understood as instituting a lawsuit according to administrative proceedings to the competent People's Court). Obviously, in order to protect opinions and interests, the parties in the dispute need to have evidence and supporting documents in accordance with the law to determine their requirements are correct (for the petitioner), proving that his/her administrative procedures and acts are correct (for the defendants, usually individuals - persons holding positions and powers in state agencies or governmental agencies or administrative state agencies).

As one of the important solutions, we highly recommend that clients contact lawyers for advice and answers or request to receive legal services to participate in litigation in administrative cases to protect their best interests.