Registration for collective mark protection
Time limit: 12 - 15  months from the date of submission.

Services performed by CMW Law Firm:


⇒ To consult and assess possibility for protecting the integrated mark; to give advice to Your Company on resolution methods in case the integrated mark does not meet the protection requirements;


⇒ To give advice on scope of protection, classification;


⇒ To give advice on responsibilities of trademark user;


⇒ To give advice on permission, control, examination mechanism with regard to the trademark usage and guarantee the quality of goods, service bearing such mark;


⇒ To implement procedures to apply for Certificate on trademark registration;


⇒ To respond to notices of National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam;


⇒ To deal with  the competent State bodies;


⇒ To give advice on other relevant issues, such as: ownership, permission for using the trademark, preserving the trademark…


⇒ To give advice on notable issues after receiving the protection title: extension procedures, matters relevant to amend contents of Certificate on trademark registration …