Work permit in Vietnam

Emerging as a fast grown and potential market in Asia, Vietnam has become a promissory destination for investors and investment projects worldwide in the recent years. Added to this, the number of foreign labors experiences a significant increase in the same period, which leads to a rise in the demand for a work permit in Vietnam. Comprehensively understanding this flow, together with an experienced staff of experts and lawyers, we are well prepared to assist and support our Clients to accomplish the application for a work permit. The services we provide may comprise of:


⇒ To give legal advice and guidelines on essential documents and procedures for work permit application, extension or cancellation;


⇒ To verify the legitimacy of the documents provided by our Clients and give advice on recovering the defects;


⇒ To represent our Clients to liaise with the competent State authorities of Vietnam in order to fulfill the procedures for work permit application, extension and cancellation;


⇒To represent our Clients in settle any dispute, relevant to the works mentioned above, with the State authorities and/or other third party.