In a world of globalization nowadays, establishing Your commercial appearance, especially a representative office, in a foreign country will be certainly a highly competitive advantage of Your Company, in comparision with others. Experience from several American, Japanese or German giant enterprises has shown that with a low cost, a representative office will act as a trustworthy agent that provides them researches on customers’ and market’s demand, policies and legal system of the target country, and so on. In turn, those researches may become stepping stones for their manufacturing schedule or their future investment projects in this country. It is the prevalence of this type of commercial appearance in Vietnam and other potential markets in the recent years that has proved its benefits.


With our solid network and experience, CMW Law Firm is confident in providing Your Company services on founding and maintaining Your representative office in Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong and other European, Asian, American countries at an acceptable amount of expenses. The services we provide may comprise of:


⇒To perform market analysis and other studies to give advice on selecting target country for the establishment of Your representative office;
⇒To assist and support Your Company in performing essential legal procedures for establishment of Your representative office, pursuant to legal system of the target country;
⇒To rent an office/apartment for Your representative office;
⇒To perform human resource services and maintain other essential services (if requested Your Company);
⇒To declare and pay taxes as required by the laws of the target country;
⇒To give advice on and settle any dispute arising during the operation of the representative office based on the legal system of the target country;
⇒To liaise with the State authorities of the target country.