Advice, assessment on the feasibility of Project

With the force of lawyers who has intensitve working experience in Investment, CMW Law Firm is confident to provide advice, assessment on the feasibility of your projects in Vietnam. The consultancy service would include the following works:


⇒  Advise in Vietnamese law, investment policy and predict the changes of investment policy and regulations which could impact on your projects ;


⇒  Assessment on the feasibility of project based on two aspects: Law and social-economical conditions of Viet Nam at the time of assessment; propose the most appropriate investment option ensuring investor’s business strategy and compliance with Vietnamese law;


⇒  Advise in project location and applicable investment preference as well as regulations binding your company when you implement project in Vietnam;


⇒  Advise in preparation time for necessary procedures so that investor would officially conduct business in Vietnam ;


⇒  Liaise with competent organizations, organs to collect necessary information serving for assessment .