Regulations on Labelling

Implementation of labelling is stipulated in the Regulation on Labels and Decree No. 89/2006/NĐ-CP of 30/8/2006 for consistency regarding state management of labels.


These regulations provide guidance on labelling goods produced in Vietnam to circulate domestically or to export, goods produced overseas, imported for consumption in the Vietnamese market. Accordingly, labelling requires clear scripts, numbers, drawings, pictures, signals, and symbols consistent with the nature of goods. Unclear notes that can cause mistakes with other goods shall be prohibited.

The Ministry of Science and Technology is responsible for the uniform state management over labelling in the country. The Directorate for Standards and Quality belonging to the Ministry of Science and Technology assists the Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology to perform state management over labelling.


a) Goods not requiring labelling


-   Goods as live, fresh foodstuff, processed foodstuff; fuel; raw materials (agricultural products, sea products, minerals); construction materials (bricks, tile, lime, sand, stone, gravel, cement, rich soil, mortar, and commodity concrete mixture); and waste materials (in business, production) without packaging and being sold directly under agreements with consumers.


-   Export goods labelled subject to requirements of importers


-   Goods used for security, national defense, emergency purposes...




b) Languages to use in labelling import, export goods


Export goods: can be labelled in languages of import regions, countries under supply contracts.


Import goods shall be labelled in Vietnamese for obligatory contents (except some particular events). If the label does not state or state not fully obligatory contents (name of goods, business address, origin and particular requirements of each kind of goods), a sub-label stating such obligatory contents in Vietnamese shall be required, and original labels shall be kept unchanged. Contents stated in Vietnamese shall correspond to the ones of original labels.


c) The contents of a label

A label of goods will contain the following: name of goods, name and address of traders responsible for the goods, and origin of the goods. In addition to such obligatory contents, subject to requirements and particular nature of each kind of goods, organizations, individuals shall state other necessary information under obligatory requirements of this Decree and comply with provisions of relevant specialized laws and state laws.